DJ Irony

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Dj iRony is one of Los Angeles’s hottest rising talents, already making a name for himself as a heavy-hitter in all genre of music. This rising star discovered his love for music as a young child listening to records in his garage. His participation as a trumpet player in his high school’s band reinforced iRony’s appreciation for music, particularly, funk, jazz, house, and Hip-Hop, further fueling his desire to creating his own original music.

Eventually, iRony replaced his trumpet for turntables, and evolved into an open format DJ, gracing the decks at just about every LA hotspot. After refining his turntable skills, iRony’s musical style transitioned once again – this time from playing songs to Producing and Remixing his own music. He's quickly gained notoriety for his Remix's as they add flare and energy to his sets. Don't let this short appearance fool you DJ iRony is a straight monster on the turntables.