is it FAIR? that … P.Diddy’s Kid gets full scholarship to UCLA

Rap Mogul’s multimillionaire son Justin Combs receives full scholarship to UCLA – 16 yrs old kid driving a 300K Maybach presented to him by his very very wealthy father, yet received a full scholarship to UCLA … Fair?

So the question is … Should a person worth nearly half a billion dollars … yes billion…. receive a free scholarship to a state school that has been struggling with budget cuts ? Some struggling students might not think is really fair considering that UCLA is a school where student’s tuition and fees have nearly tripled in the last 10 years?!?!!….

picture below is one of Justin Combs’ latest tweet photos of himself and friends posing next to a $300,000-plus Maybach. I’m assuming is the car he received for his 16th birthday (can’t hate on that) but what we can hate is on that FREE Schoalrship Money he ju$t received and yet he is a multimillionaire who doesn’t need it…..… #JustSaying.

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