¡Romeo Santos en privado con Mega 96.3 FM!

¡El rey de la bachata regresa a Los Ángeles!


Romeo Santos estará en un conierto privado en un lugar secreto de Los Ángeles y sólo Mega 96.3 fm tiene tus boletos.


¡Sintoniza Mega 96.3 fm para ganar tu invitación a las 8:25 a.m, 12: 25  p.m, 4:25 p.m. y 7:25 p.m!

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  • Jessyka Buzani- Gonzalez

    My daughter and I would love to attend this concert. We are both huge Romeo Santos fans! ♥

  • Jessibelle

    Cuál es la frase del día????

  • paola

    The line is always busy whenever I call its so annoying

  • Sara barahona

    I would love the opportunity to attend, my mom and me never miss his concerts. We are so going to try and win


    i can never get the number because they talk to fast !!! whhhats the number to call !!!!!

    • Yesenia Salgado

      (877) 963-0963

  • Jenny Sanchez

    I would love to see El Rey de la bacahata!!!

  • Mirna Tovar

    Would be very fortunate to be able to WIN these tickets

  • Belen Tovar

    This would be the best birthday gift

  • Vanessa818

    I’ve called and the phone just kept ringing for what like seemed for ever and then it just got cut off =/ what the heck?

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