Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc. (SBS) and its leading party station, MEGA 96.3 FM, announce a special 10th anniversary edition of CALIBASH, the world’s leading concert featuring the music industry’s hottest Reggaetón and Urban music stars.

CALIBASH 2017 presented by LaMusica and MEGA 96.3 FM and; produced in association with AEG Live, will take place on Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017 at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, California, buy your tickets before they sell out at

Reggaetón’s biggest star with successful participation in Hollywood blockbuster films Don Omar, urban music singer who reinvented himself to stardom and infused the music genre with fresh offerings Nicky JamCuba’s rhythmic sensation Gente de Zona, underground YouTube phenomenon making his LA debut Ozuna, Colombian reggaetón, pop and r&B singer Karol G., TV stars and current Latin pop boyband sensation CNCO, successful reggaetón artist De la Ghetto, multi-award winning Puertorican singer J Alvarez and Latin urban music leading lady Natti Natasha to perform at the special 10th anniversary edition of the event. Listen to Mega 96.3 FM for more CALIBASH 2017 artists to be announced soon. Line-up subject to change.

Tickets for CALIBASH 2017 are NOW ON SALE, buy yours before they sell out and trust us, this will be an EPIC CALIBASH. Buy your tickets at

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  • Steven

    what is the presale code?

  • Claudia Alvarado

    who will be performing??


      It says on top

  • Martha G

    Can we get J.Balvin to come!!!!


    it needs farruko, j balvin, and maluma !!

    • Nancy

      Yesssssssss Those 3 for sure would make this the Greatest Calibash Everrrr

  • TuBesitoDeNoche

    Farruko will be there. J Balvin and Maluma; not sure yet but I would think so! Otherwise, why so much air play? D Yankee would be cool tambien. Keep listening to Mega 96.3 for more of the artist lineup. Let go! Lol!

  • Claribel Ramirez

    pls J balvin, Maluma, Plan B and WISIN

  • Claribel Ramirez

    cuando anunciaran mas artist as?

  • Melissa Reyes

    are the artist mentioned above the ones that will be there in concert???????

  • TuBesitoDeNoche

    Did they just announce that Daddy Yankee will be there!?!?

  • garcia

    line up sucks, Vegas show has Ricky Martin and we have CNCO? Vegas sounds much more fun. its suppose to be calibash not vegasbash. Really Prince Royce? Hes at every concert!
    I go every year, this is a super disappointing line up for the 10th anniversary!

    • Jess

      Hey I have a question?:)

  • intence1

    Weak ass lineups ever since Raq-C left the station. Now we got interns scrambling to get the show’s lineup complete. I used to go every year now I just enjoy it on YouTube and save lots of money. This way I can plan a trip to “Desde La Isla De Entretenimiento Ma”
    That’s right puerto rock. That’s where the baddest shows are going to be no doubt.

  • Tati

    We need Ricky and wisin y yandel here too! Not just vegas! Kinda regret buying the tickets for this one. Should’ve gone to vegas instead

    • Jess

      Hey I have a question? Are you going to the calibash ? Are you selling
      Your tickets ?

  • Chris

    Anyone wants to sell their tickets ill buy them

  • byga

    Are you sure 2016 wasn’t 96.3 10th anniversary? How can the radio station celebrate a big milestone with a weak lineup? Nothing against P.Royce but stop, if you want to repeat an artist bring J Balvin!!! The radio station totally drop the ball we the fans make the #1 Party station in California, Ricky Martin performing in Vegas, really? Don’t tell me the same team that manage the “Reventon” concerts for 107.1 set up this line up? Sadly next week is already the concert and I”m afraid J.Balvin, Maluma, Ricky, Juanes are not going to be added, last year you even had Snoop Dog & Lil Jon performed and the concert was on a Sunday, now the concert is on a Saturday it’s the 10th anniversary and this is your line up???? Wake up or this radio station is going to dissolve like Super Estella 107.1

  • Carlos

    NO more performers ? this is getting worst and more expensive. I haven’t miss a year since 2005 but this year is the worst lineup so far and I bet Don Omar won’t show up. I got good sits lets see how it goes, this year will determine my attendance for next year. 963 wake up your are losing fans.

  • dj manbo

    this is overprice, plus the covinience fee they charge $$$, and some artist wont show up like years before, and you cant choose your seats any more with this crap axs tickets, so whats the point ???, plus parking and fat girls everywhere dressing like hookers showing their bellys taking selfies no way last year i called my credit card company to cancel the transaccion for the tickets even i when to the concert , no problem at all, so easy, dont be fool

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