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  • Alejandra Nahui Carmona

    I would like to say: SHAME ON YOU Latino 96.3 for your advocacy of Donald Trump. I am a Latina woman of 21 years of age. I have been listening to you guys for years. I have used the music you play to connect to my spanish speaking roots. This will no longer happen due to what I heard when I turned on the radio today. How can you advocate for this dangerous man on your radio station? The same radio station that working class, young and impressionable Latinos listen to every day with pride? Donald Trump is a man who is making it ok again to come out as an open racist and sexist with his behavior that is so disturbing. He is a man who does not respect women on any fundamental level, just the other day saying that a young woman should face punishment if she makes the choice to have an abortion. He compares woman on a rating scale as if they were cattle or showdogs. If a woman questions him too much, he says that she is on her period. Aside from his openly sexist behavior, he does NOT LIKE LATINOS AND NEITHER DO HIS POLITICS. He has openly called us rapists and burdens on American society. AND NO, HE IS NOT JUST TALKING ABOUT IMMIGRANTS. HE IS TALKING ABOUT US ALL. A Latino who is truly proud of where they or their parents are from will always stand in solidarity with the ones who have less power, the voiceless people. NOT JUMP ON THE BANDWAGON AGAINST THEM. DO NOT FORGET that you parents//grandparents were also immigrants, also did not have papers. NO SEAN MALINCHISTAS PLEASE. THIS MAN IS NOT OKAY ON ANY LEVEL. WE are living in a crucial time in the unites states to be a latino. WE are either going to unite or split up. If we split up, our numbers as a people will diminish our voting power. OUR cultural and moral values will split into different factions (as if they werent enough already). Latinos are people who come desde abajo. We rise. We cannot become classist and racist once we have reached a good level of living. WTF kind of selfish mentality is this?Your radio hosts, the ones who were talking bout supporting Trump today, words cannot describe my disappointment. This is because these young and professional Latinos who have this powerful platform in Los Angeles are supporting and using their power to give young people ideas that support stupidity and self hatred. SHAME ON YOU Y QUE TE DICE TU CONSCIENCIA?

  • Claudia R

    you guys are a latino radio station and go against your own people by proudly saying ” primero dios donald trump becomes president” how dare you!!!
    you guys shouldnt even be on this radio station if that is the case. SHAME ON YOU!!

  • Sara Lopez

    Hola !!! pueden explicarme como puedo ganar los boletos para el concierto de mis paisanos Chino y Nacho??

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