Pharrell Williams Launches “Happy” T-Shirts

Pharrell Williams

R&B singer Pharrell Williams continues to expand work as a fashion designer.  

His latest project? A t-shirt that lets you proclaim your happiness to the world. 

Based off his Oscar-nominated single, “Happy” and the iconic hat he wore to this year’s Grammy awards, the 40-year-old singer has designed a t-shirt line that is now on sale.

The launch of the new line came on Thursday, as a celebration for the International Day of Happiness and it is a collaboration with the luxury-lifestyle label, Peace Love World. 

La colección has two styles for men and women and one for kids y vienen en black and white cotton t-shirt with the palabras “Happy” or “Happiness” in yellow. The price ranges between $25 and $45. 

Since the Peace Love World stores are only located in Florida and other parts of the world, Angelinos can purchase them online. 

To view the entire collection and/or to buy the t-shirts, click here

“Happy” Shopping! 

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