President Barack Obama Releases Statement on the Passing of El Divo de Juarez, Juan Gabriel

It’s been a heartbreaking week for the world of music, el Divo de Juarez, Juan Gabriel passed away on Sunday, August 28 at the age of 66 due to a heart attack.

Juan Gabriel may be gone, but his music will live on forever. The President of the United States, Barack Obama, released the following statement about the passing of el Divo de Juarez:

For over forty years, Juan Gabriel brought his beloved Mexican music to millions, transcending borders and generations. To so many Mexican-Americans, Mexicans and people all over the world, his music sounds like home. With his romantic lyrics, passionate performances and signature style, Juan Gabriel captivated audiences and inspired countless young musicians. He was one of the greats of Latin music–and his spirit will live on in his enduring songs, and in the hearts of the fans who love him.

We send our condolences to Juan Gabriel’s family, friends and fans.

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