Don Omar & Akon Con Nueva Version De Danza Kuduro!

So Este Jueves 26 de Abril de Latin Billboards are taking place in Miami y se rumora que alot of surprise are going to happen. Una de esas the performance de Akon y Don Omar.

Don Omar and Akon are set to perform la nuvea version de Danza Kuduro!!

Despite the fact that both Akon & Don Omar are great artist and both big in each of their genre, I dont think we needed a new version of the super hit Danza Kudoro. En vez de hacer una nueva version ubiesen echo a complete new track. I ain’t hatting on it at all but thats just what I think! Que piensas tu? Did we need a new version or a complete new track? Let Me Know on or

Pero este jueves we are all gonna know what this song is all about… Hey it might even make it to our airwaves aqui en LAtino 96.3fm!!

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