Se Separa Otro Duo En El Genero Del Reggaeton!!

All the time we hear of duo’s going their seperate ways! Y pues ahora es el duo Jowell y Randy… Jowell y Randy have been a Reggaeton duo for many years and have had many hits and recently fueron firmados bajo la compania WY Records which is own by El Duo Dinamico Wisin Y Yandel!

Listen to this recent interview where you can hear Randy un poco molesto, and call me crazy but creo que algo paso between either the management or the duo. In the same interview you can hear Jowell un poco down and explaining that he is confortable being a duo and como que el quiere mantener el duo… Que Pensara Wisin y Yandel de esto?
I gotta say that is gonna be a big loss in the genre if this happens, I as a fan would like to continue seeing them together but its not up to us. So here is the video, Let me know what you think  /