Los Angeles Could Be Getting an App to Help you Out with Parking Signs

Finding parking in Los Angeles can be frustrating, but the most frustrating part is understanding the parking signs.

Not to worry, because soon the city of L.A. will launch an app that will help you understand all the parking signs. As of now, parking regulations are identified through painted curbs and street signs, but no comprehensive database of which restrictions apply to which streets exists.

According to LAist, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation estimates that there are more than 1 million parking signs posted around L.A., and the city would need to hire a contractor to go down every single street in the city to take picture’s and record sign contents.

In other words, this app idea could come in a couple of years. But, apparently with the app users will be able to enter the anticipated duration of their parking stay, the day of their stay, their preferred price, distance willing to walk to final destination, and whether or not they possess a disabled placard or preferential parking permit, and then receive input on whether traveling by another mode may be faster once ‘parking time’ is accounted for.

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