Los Angeles launches campaign to promote benefits of smoke-free apartments

According to Los Angeles Daily News, the city of L.A. has launched a new campaign to help persuade apartment owners to go smoking free in their buildings.

Billboards and signs placed in bus shelters and other spots across the city of Los Angeles will feature an image of a little girl carrying a teddy bear and wearing an oxygen mask. Signs will include the message: “It’s time for all L.A. to breathe easy.”

The goal behind the $3 million campaign, funded by the federal Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention and formed by various organizations is to educate landlords, managers and tenants on the benefits of discouraging cigarette smoking inside building units.

Called Smokefree Apartments Los Angeles or SALA, which in Spanish means living room, the campaign was announced at a smoke-free apartment complex in Jefferson Park, one of the most densely populated areas of the city. There is no ordinance in the city of Los Angeles that mandates smoke-free apartments.

Smoke-free apartments would be a great idea. It’ll make living in L.A. much easier and it’ll be better for everyone’s health, especially little ones who have asthma or older folks who have to use a respirator to breathe. What do you think of this new campaign?

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