Beverly Hills Reveal Top Water Wasters

Beverly Hills has finally managed to conserve some water, but it took months of sending out letters and finally revealing who the big water wasters are.

The top water wasters include controversial developer Geoff Palmer, David Geffen, director Brett RatnerWill & Grace co-creator Jason “Max” Mutchnick and actress/comedian Amy Poehler.

Geffen was apparently using 27,000 gallons of water per day from June 2 to August 2, which is about 60 times what a typical L.A. household uses, and 9,000 gallons more than Geffen’s allowance. Poehler used over 170,000 gallons between May 14 and June 14. Palmer was found to be using 12,000 gallons of water per day.

Palmer, Mutchnick and Ratner all blamed the excessive usage on leaks that had been discovered on their properties.

It’s not just celebrities that are “wasting water,” there are other houses in Beverly Hills that are massive water wasters as well. According to LAist, there’s a house in Beverly Hills that has 18 bathrooms, you that correctly…18 BATHROOMS. Which if you were to do the math, that’s a lot of flushes.

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