Bob Marley’s Family goes into the Marijuana Business

It happened, Bob Marley‘s family has launched various Marley inspired Marijuana products.

In honor of Marley’s 71st birthday, cannabis brand Marley Natural is linked to the star’s legacy of utilizing the herb as a daily ritual to increase vitality and inspiration for his music. The official launch took place in Los Angeles on Feb. 5.

Bradley Bledsoe, publicist for Marley Natural, released this statement:

The family announced that they would be entering the cannabis business about a year ago. They are now ready to introduce products that will fit the image the family said that, perhaps, even Bob himself would approve of. All-natural healing products. What Marley Natural is trying to portray is, the herb was a part of Bob’s healthy lifestyle.

Based upon the ideals of natural health and healing, the body-care line features healing cold-pressed hemp seed oil high in omega-6s and omega-3s. This oil is combined with natural botanicals from Jamaica, featuring lemongrass, ginger, turmeric and cerasse. There is an essential-oil blend, body lotion, body wash, body salve, bar soap, lip balm and hand cream.

Other newly released items include four categories of cannabis flower and oil, grown in the sun and locally sourced. These strains include Marley Green, hybrid strains with balanced THC levels; Marley Gold, sativa strains that enhance energy and a more cerebral experience; Marley Red, CBD-rich strains; and Marley Black, indica strains for a more full-body physical journey.

So, in other words it’s healthy cannabis. What do you think?

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