Cell Service Now Available In Some Metro Subway Tunnels

According to LAist, you can now get cell service in some Metro subway tunnels.

Getting service in the Metro subway is a great thing, but only if you have Sprint, T-Mobile or AT&T. If you’re a Verizon customer—Metro has announced that cell service for Verizon customers is now available between Union Station and 7th/Metro Center on the Red/Purple Line subway.

Sprint and T-Mobile have both signed on with Metro to soon provide service, and negotiations with AT&T remain underway. Metro completed the first phase of underground wireless service in partnership with Verizon and InSite Wireless Group, the firm under contract to provide the needed equipment for the service.

Phase two of the project, which should be up and running by fall 2016, will extend cell service on the Purple Line from 7th Street/Metro Center Station and Wilshire/Western.

Subsequent phases of the program, which should be completed by 2017, will expand cell service on the Red Line from Wilshire/Vermont Station to the North Hollywood Station, as well as the Gold Line’s underground stations.

What do you think of the Metro getting cell service, will this motivate you to ride the Metro?

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