Extra Clean Up Teams Coming To Skid Row

Skid Row

Skid Row is about to look a lot cleaner. 

On Tuesday, the L.A. City Council approved to use $3.7 million on a cleanup plan that will benefit the homeless areas in the city. 

This money will bring more trash cans, provide more bathroom facilities, increase the street cleaning schedule and will provide a storage facility for Skid Row residents. 

The storage facility will make sure residents’ personal belongings are not destroyed. 

“Our responsibility is to ensure that the public health and safety of all people in public spaces are protected and well served,” said Councilman Jose Huizar, who represents the Skid Row area. “It is a disgrace on Skid Row and have not done a good job.” 

Another $5 million in Mayor Eric Garcetti’s proposed budget will be used to extend these services in other areas of the city where the homeless reside such as Venice and South Los Angeles. 

The plan for the clean up comes after public health violations became known. According to health inspectors, rat infestations, syringes, human feces and other trash was left on the streets up to two years. 

The funding for the clean up is part of Operation Healthy Streets, a program that works to address public health risks on Skid Row. 

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