Hollywood Streets And Sidewalks Are Already Closed, A Week Ahead Of The Oscars

As if traffic in L.A. couldn’t get any worse and it did.

The Oscars are a couple of days away and streets in Hollywood are already closed.

Street closures happened since last night Sunday, February 21st at 10 pm and streets will remain closed until March 1st at 6 am. Sidewalks on Hollywood Blvd will start to close today until March 1st.

Not to worry, because folks will still be able to walk near the Oscars red carpet. According to LAist, an 8 foot pedestrian access tunnel has been created for folks that that want to walk through Hollywood Blvd sidewalks. 

If you don’t have to go to Hollywood during the next week, we suggest you don’t head out there. Trust us when we say that it gets crazy, not only is traffic bad there’s a lot of tourists trying to get a photo of celebrities. 

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