Jay-Z, Garcetti Bringing “Made In America” Concert To Los Angeles


¡Gente! Mark your calendars porque the “Made In America” concert is coming to Los Angeles this summer. 

Rapper Jay-Z and Mayor Eric Garcetti stood outside City Hall Wednesday morning where they announced that the two-day music festival will be taking place at L.A’s Grand Park during Labor Day weekend. 

“On Labor Day weekend we are going to celebrate our golden state of mind right here in L.A. with a sellout crowd right on the steps of City Hall and into Grand Park,” said Garcetti. “The ‘Made in America Festival’ will attract 50,000 fans Saturday and Sunday, Fans who will inject millions of dollars into the L.A. economy.” 

The “Made in America” music festival, which is sponsored by Budweiser was founded by Jay-Z and began in Philadelphia two years ago.

Last year’s lineup included Kendrick Lamar, Nine Inch Nails y Jay-Z himself. 

“I had a vision of putting together a music festival that blurred the lines of genres that all walks of life and people could come to,” said Jay-Z. “And it’s in the city, not in a far off place you can’t get to.” 

One person that is not too sure about the music festival is City Councilman Jose Huizar, who represents the Downtown L.A. area and has said he feels overpowered by the decision. 

Huizar does not oppose the idea, but is more concerned about street closures and the impact 50,000 people will have on the city. 

“Since this is a for-profit, ticketed concert with an alcoholic beverage company as the main sponsor, we have questions over whether that is the best use for Grand Park, the so-called ‘people’s park’,” Huizar said in a statement on Tuesday. “If it is, what is the public – that is the city and downtown Los Angeles community – getting in return?” 

Según KPCC, permit applications for the event show that streets and sidewalks around Grand Park could be closed for as much as 10 days for the event. 

In the past, “Made in America” has helped make as much as $10 million. 

It is reported that much of what the L.A. event makes will go to the city’s chapter of United Way

Tickets for both days of the festival are now on sale for $155. 

A lineup is yet to be announced. 

For tickets, click here

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