L.A. Drivers Pay Nearly $3,000 A Year For Traffic, Crashes And Bad Roads

According to a new report, L.A. drivers pay a whole lot of money.

TRIP, which describes itself as a private nonprofit that studies “surface transportation issues,” just released a report claiming that the average driver from the L.A., Long Beach, and Santa Ana areas pays $2,826 a year thanks to an “inadequate transportation system.”

The report states that bad roads (which are often riddled with potholes) raise vehicle operating costs. Researchers say that these conditions cause “accelerated vehicle depreciation, additional repair costs, and increased fuel consumption and tire wear.” In total, Southland drivers pay $892 a year to cover these extra operating costs.

The report goes on to say that we pay another $223 annually to cover collisions, and that traffic congestion (which lowers “household and workplace productivity”) costs us another $1,711 per year. Researchers say that Angelenos lose 80 hours a year in traffic.

Taken altogether (vehicle operating costs, collisions, and traffic) L.A. drivers have to pay nearly $3,000 a year. Apparently, drivers in the Bay Area know our anguish; the report says they pay $2,824 a year (two dollars less than we do!). By contrast, drivers in San Diego lose $1,858 annually.

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