L.A. to Tax Medical Marijuana To Fund Housing For The Homeless

According to LAist, Los Angeles is considering nine different fundraising ideas to enable the city to build more housing for the homeless, including one that would put a 15% tax on the sale of medical marijuana.

Recently, the city of Los Angeles came up with an idea to help end homelessness by building affordable housing for the homeless, but it’ll cost about $2 billion.

In order to be able to execute the idea, the city of L.A. have come up with different ideas to help raise that money. No, raising the money doesn’t involve a bake sale. The ideas include extra taxes—such as on real estate sales or billboards—but the most interesting one is a proposal to tax medical marijuana by 15%.

Putting a tax on medical marijuana could raise about $16.7 million each year, and more if California decided to join states like Oregon and Washington in legalizing marijuana for recreational use. According to city documents, several other California cities—including Riverside County cities, Cathedral City and Desert Hot Springs—have already passed similar taxes.

Putting a tax on medical marijuana isn’t a bad idea, it could help out a lot of homeless angelinos. What do you think?

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