Los Angeles Very Close To Becoming a ‘No Kill’ City

According to LAist, Los Angeles could soon become a “No Kill” city.

Back in 2011, the Los Angeles City Council signed off on a ‘No Kill Los Angeles’ pledge to make L.A. an official ‘no kill’ animal shelter town by 2017. At the time, about 42.2 percent of the animals who entered the city’s publicly operated shelters were euthanized. Five years later, that number is down to 15.7 percent.

In order to be officially labeled a ‘no kill’ city, Los Angeles has to save 90 percent of the animals who enter public shelters. ‘Saving’ an animal simply means the animal isn’t euthanized, and exits the shelter. In 2016, so far, 84.3 percent of the animals who enter L.A. shelters exit. At this rate, Los Angeles will become an official ‘no kill’ city by next year.

Los Angeles is working on other ways to reduce the number of animals in shelters as well. In January, the L.A. City Council voted unanimously in favor of a motion advocating that landlords become generally more accepting of pets. According to the American Human Association, 62 percent of rental units in Los Angeles do not accept pets.

What do you think of what the city of L.A. is doing? 

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