May Day Marches Put Spotlight On Immigration Reform

Protest_May Day

Thousands of people gathered in Downtown Los Angeles on Thursday to participate in the annual May Day demonstrations. 

They all had one goal in mind: to shed light on immigration issues.

A total of three protests, each at a different location in Downtown Los Angeles and at different times, took place throughout the day. 

Some came together in Chinatown while others rallied at the corner of Olympic and Broadway. Another protest took place at North Broadway Street and West Cesar Chavez Avenue. 

“Keeping Families Together” was the theme of this year’s march. It was intended to stop the deportations ordered by the Obama administration that separate children, who are born in the U.S. and their parents who are sent back to their native countries. 

Other issues protesters rallied for included workers’ rights and a minimum wage increase. 

There was hight police presence at all times and no major incidents were reported. 

In 2007, many people were injured during the May Day protests including police officers when the rallies became violent. 

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