More Latinos Are Getting Admitted To UC Schools


Latino students are making history. 

For the first time ever, more Latino students than white students in California have been admitted to schools in the University of California (UC) system, officials announced. 

A total of 17,589 Latino students have been accepted as freshmen to one of the 10 UC schools across the state for the 2014-2015 school year. This equals to 29 percent of all those who were admitted, according to data released by UC officials. 

This number is not only higher compared to last year’s in which Latinos made up 27.6 percent of admissions in the fall, but it also surpasses the number of white students who were admitted to the system. 

The data shows a total of 16,379 or 27 percent of white students were among the admitted applicants. 

However, Latinos were not the number one ethnic group admitted to California’s top public universities. 

Taking the lead are those students of Asian decent, who made up a total of 36 percent of students admitted to the schools in the fall. 

Still, the milestone for Latinos is an indicator of the change in the state’s demographic. 

Keep it up! 

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