New Music: “Amor Prohibido” By Baby Rasta y Gringo

Baby Rasta y Gringo

A year after leasing their last album, “Los Duros” Los Lobos Del Reggaeton are back with some new música. 

Baby Rasta y Gringo have released a new song llamada “Amor Prohibido.” 

No, it is not a remake of Selena’s mega hit song. Esta canción es completely new y available now to purchase on iTunes.  

Los chicos Baby Rasta y Gringo have been busy promoting it and can now be heard in radio stations across Puerto Rico and the United States. 

No word yet if “Amor Prohibido” is part of a new album the duo has in the works.

We’ll just have to wait and see! 

Por mientras, listen to “Amor Prohibido” here: 

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