New Music: “Call On Me” By Drake


Fans of rapper Drake in the United Kingdom got more than what they bargained for this past weekend when they attended his concert. 

Throngs of people gathered inside stadium in Birmingham to watch and listen the artist perform songs from his Would You Like a Tour? Tour. Instead, during the show, Drake debuted a brand new never-before-heard song.  

The new canción is called “Call On Me” y it is a little bit different than what fans are used to hearing Drake sing. This song is more mellow and moody with just a keyboard and percussion than any of his previous work.  

There is also come confusion regarding the name of the song. Some say the actual name is “Days in the East.” Neither Drake or a rep has confirmed what the song is really called. 

However, most have gone to say it is called “Call On Me” based by the lyrics. 

“Call on me. Call on me. Cause I’ll always be there for you. Call on me. You can call on me,” the lyrics read. 

Makes sense, right? 

Lo que si es certain es que Drake is working on a new album. He apparently le dijo a la audience que he’ll be back with a new album soon. 

Perhaps “Call On Me” es una pruebadita de lo que viene.  

Eschuchenla aquí: 

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