New Music: “Cancioncitas de Amor” By Romeo Santos

Romeo Santos

Bachata superstar Romeo Santos is singing “Cancioncitas de Amor”- literally. 

That is because that is the name of his latest single off of his latest album, “Fórmula Vol. 2.”

A video containing soló el audio y lyrics de la song has been released. 

The song is about un amor decepcionado whose “soul is bitter” and asks that the DJ should loose his job if he plays “cancioncitas de amor.” 

Deep huh? Much like his previous single, “Odio” which was released last month. 

The songs are previews of what is to come in Santos’ upcoming album. 

It has been said que the new album features other music artists such as Marc Anthony, Niki Minaj, Carlos Santana, Tego Calderón y Kevin Hart. 

“Fórmula Vol. 2” will be hitting stores on February 25. 

Check out the song here: 

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