New Music: ‘What I Call Love’ By Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

While Jennifer Lopez’s new video for her single, “Same Girl” is getting all the buzz and quickly generating tons of views on YouTube, hay otra canción worth listening to. 

The song is called “What I Call Love” which is also sang by the 44-year-old American Idol judge.  

La canción is more of a mid-tempo ballad with a much slower rhythm than some of her most recent material, including “Same Girl.” 

In “What I Call Love,” J.Lo bears her feelings y nos dice how she defines love. 

It is unclear whether the song was meant to be released now or if it was leaked. 

Some experts suggest the song is “being recycled for her new LP.”

Sea como sea, aquí esta la song. 

Take a listen and tell me what you think in the comments below! 

“What I Call Love” by Jennifer Lopez: 

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