Olympic Boulevard Has The Most Bicycle Crashes In L.A

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If you are an active bike rider, you might want to stay away from Olympic Boulevard. 

According to the researchers at the MIT’s Media Lab Social Computing Group, most of the bicycle-related accidents and collisions in Los Angeles happen on the city’s most popular east-west streets. 

The number one of those is Olympic Boulevard. 

The mid-city street had a total of 72 bike crashes in 2012, according to the report which consisted of a map showing all of the 2,043 annual bicycle accidents in L.A.. 

It is all a part of a year-long project called “You Are Here” which was launched last week and it will release one map per day that will give residents of major U.S. cities information about their city. So far, the maps can only show bike accidents y coffee shops en cuidades como Brooklyn, San Francisco, Portland y Los Angeles. 

The information for the L.A. map was collected with the help of LAPD police reports. This means that there could be more bike accidents on the streets because not all of them are reported. 

However, Olympic Boulevard is not the only street L.A. bikers have gotten hurt. 

Here is the full list of the top 10 streets in L.A. where bicycle crashes have occurred along with the number of crashes in each: 

Olympic Boulevard – 72

Venice Boulevard – 63 

Sunset Boulevard – 55  

Van Nuys Boulevard – 54 

Pico Boulevard – 52 

Washington Boulevard – 49 

Vermont Avenue – 49

Sherman Way – 46 

Whilshire Boulevard – 43

Western Avenue – 42 


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