Pitbull Releases New Single, “Freedom”

Que no pare la fiesta, Pitbull has released a brand new single titled “Freedom” off his forthcoming album album, reportedly titled “Climate Change.”

The song features the beat and melody of the ’90s hit “I’m Free” by Soup Dragons, which is actually a cover of the Rolling Stones’ song of the same name, off their 1965 December’s Children (And Everybody’s) album. “Freedom” is actually the second single off Pitbull’s new english album, the first single was “FREE.K” which wasn’t as big as a hit as he hoped for, but it was still a great track.

No word on when “Climate Change” will be released, but we’re hoping for a summer release. That way we can have a summer party with Pitbull. Wouldn’t that be fun? Listen to “Freedom” below and request the song via L.A.’s #1 party station, Mega 96.3 fm!


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