Rihanna Donates $25,000 To The LAPD Cadets Program


The Los Angeles Police Department’s (LAPD) Cadets Program is a little richer this week all thanks to Rihanna. 

La cantante has donated $25,000 to the local program that works with teens to teach them life skills and ethics. 

“The purpose of the LAPD Cadet Program is to help instill discipline, leadership, academic excellence and life-skills in all youth participants,” states the program’s website. “The LAPD Cadet Program also seeks to empower students to maximize their personal, scholastic and their own life potential.” 

The donation comes after Riri had a small accident inside Staples Center last week. 

Apparently, “The Monster” singer dropped and broke L.A. Police Commission President Steve Soboroff’s cellphone as she tried to take a selfie courtside at a Clippers game. 

Soboroff posted the photo with the popstar on social media and it quickly went viral. Rihanna responded by tweeting “Sorry I broke your phone.” 

That gave Soboroff the idea to auction the broken phone on eBay as a way to raise money for underprivileged kids who want to participate in the Cadets Program. 

During Sunday’s Clippers game, Soboroff saw Rihanna again and told her about his idea. 

Rihanna then wrote “Sorry! I <3 LAPD. Rihanna” on the phone. 

The infamous phone now has a bid of $30,300. Also included LAPD wristband like the ones seen in the selfie. 

Biding ends Thursday, May 15 with all the money going to the LAPD Cadets Program. 

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