Santa Monica Getting 11 Pedestrian-Friendly Crosswalks That Stop All Cars At Once

Hollywood got these pedestrian friendly crosswalks and now Santa Monica is getting them.

Santa Monica will be getting 11 “pedestrian scrambles” this year, part of a plan to make getting around the busy district safer for pedestrians, and more efficient for traffic, too.

A pedestrian scramble is a method of traffic control that supposedly makes crossing the street safer for pedestrians. It simultaneously halts car traffic in all four directions, allowing pedestrians to cross the street diagonally (or the regular way, for that matter). When everyone’s done crossing, car traffic resumes.

Here are the intersections getting scrambled:

  • Broadway and 4th
  • Broadway and 2nd
  • Santa Monica and 4th
  • Santa Monica and 2nd
  • Arizona and 4th
  • Arizona and 2nd
  • Wilshire and 4th
  • Wilshire and 3rd
  • Wilshire and 2nd

No word yet on when the scrambles will be done, but hopefully it’ll be soon. If you thought car traffic was bad, then you haven’t seen pedestrian traffic in Santa Monica.

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