Shakira Announces New Single, “Chantaje (ft. Maluma)”

After sharing clues on her social media throughout the morning, the Colombian singer’s fans gave it their best shot at guessing the title of her new song and the artist she’s featuring. 

It didn’t take long for fans to figure out the mystery, it was revealed that Shakira‘s new single is titled “Chantaje” and it’ll feature Maluma.

In the message sent to the fan who guessed correctly, Shakira explains: 

Magic was the name of my first album ever and also Maluma’s. The crown is Maluma’s tattoo. And lastly, ‘Chan’ is Alejandro Sanz’s nickname, plus you add the ‘TA’ and the G sound at the end.

So, when will “Chantaje” be released? We’re still waiting on that confirmation, but we’re hoping it’s soon!!

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