Shakira Did Not Know English When She Recorded ‘Laundry Service’


Hard to believe it sometimes, but some celebrities are just like us. 

Take superstar Shakira, for example, who did not know English until she was well into her career. 

Yup, its true. 

La cantante cubana Gloria Estefan told The Wall Street Journal in a recent interview that the “Waka Waka” singer did not know English when she first recorded her mega-hit album, “Laundry Service.”

Estefan said she had to translate the songs from the album for Shakira and convince her that she could be successful in English. 

“Tuve que entrar en el camerino para calmarla y decirle: ‘Tranquila, lo vas a hacer genial y todo irá bien’”, said Estefan of the first time Shakira had to give a concert in English. 

Whew! Glad Shakira was able to get over her fear.