Snoop Dogg Throws Terrible first Pitch at Padres Game

Snoop Dogg threw it like it was hot, but the wrong way.

Snoop was at hand to throw the first pitch at the Padres game earlier this week, but it didn’t go the way he was hoping for.

Live from San Diego’s Petco Park before the hometown Padres took on the Atlanta Braves, Tha Doggfather’s first pitch went way wrong by going way off to the right. His catcher couldn’t reach it if he tried.

Perhaps Coach Snoop, who has his own youth football league would fare better on the football field. Then again, maybe he’s too busy getting ready to drop new album, Coolaid or rehearsing for “The High Road Tour” with Wiz Khalifa to practice his throwing.

Either way it wasn’t a great first pitch, watch the video below.