Space Shuttle Endeavour’s Gas Tank is coming to Los Angeles

Remember when the space shuttle Endeavour came to Los Angeles? Well, get ready because the space shuttle’s gas tank is making it’s way to L.A.

Come May though, a giant, 15-story tall external fuel tank will arrive in Los Angeles destined for the Space Shuttle Endeavour pavilion at the California Sciene Center. There, the Endeavour will eventually be displayed in its upright launch position with the tank.

Right now the tank is very far away, in New Orleans. Over the next couple months, it will travel a logistically complicated journey from the Big Easy to the City of Angels. Most of the journey will be accomplished on a barge, pulled by tugboats across the Gulf of Mexico, through the Panama Canal, and up the coast of Central America before it reaches L.A.

Once it arrives here on May 18, it will be loaded onto a 42-wheel dolly. Three days later on May 21, it will begin its 16.5-mile, 18-hour long trek from Marina Del Rey to Exposition Park.

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