Sriracha Hot Sauce Might Be Moving Out Of Irwindale


Popular hot sauce Sriracha is in a bit of a ‘hot’ mess. 

Irwindale city officials and attorneys for Huy Fong Foods, the maker of la salsa picante have been in talks this week to resolve an issue that has been going on for months. 

The problem is that the city has received complaints of residents who live near the company’s factory over a peppery smell. 

On Wednesday, the city council was expected to vote on a resolution that would officially declare the factory an annoyance to the city. 

If the declaration goes through, it would allow the city to resolve the problem on its own. This could mean that Huy Fong Foods would pay any costs necessary to reduce the smell. 

Another solution to the problem would be to have the company relocate to another site where residents are less affected. Huy Fong and David Tran have said the company is now open to the idea of moving. 

U.S. Rep Tony Cardenas said he wants to move Huy Fong Foods to the San Fernando Valley. 

“Mr. Tran’s story is really powerful,” said Cardenas. “He left Vietnam, started a company from his home and it has gone on to be so incredibly seucessful. He wanted to sell Sriracha all over the world and he chose the United States and California to build his American company and create American jobs.” 

Last October, Irwindale filed a lawsuit against Huy Fong Foods saying that the smell of peppers was causing nearby residents irritating eyes and throats as well as causing them headaches. 

A month later, in November, an LA Superior Court judge told the company to control the smell coming out of its factory, pero there was no order to shut it down. 

For now, the Irwindale City Council has decided to delay its decision on the future of the spicy sauce maker until its next meeting. 

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