UC Riverside Has The Best College Value, According To Time Magazine

UC Riverside

High school students, are you wondering what college gives you the best value for your money? 

Look no further than So. Cal. 

The University of California, Riverside has been named the top college in the country to have the best value, according to a new ranking done by Time magazine. 

The magazine used factors such as graduation rates, tuition, the percentage of students who receive Pell Grants and federally funded scholarships for low-income families to classify the schools. 

“It was beyond even mu high expectations for this campus,” Kris Lovekin, UC Riverside spokeswoman told The Press-Enterprise. “Hard work by the faculty accounts for that.” 

The ranking comes after President Obama announced last year a new plan to rate colleges across the country. 

He wanted to create a simple way to evaluate schools and what they offer students. 

Time magazine stepped up to the plate and collected information from 2,500 colleges and universities across the country and used the method the Obama administration suggested. 

And at the top came UC Riverside. 

However, that wasn’t the only So. Cal college to end up on the list. 

University of California, San Diego came in at number two while UC Irvine and UC Davis took the number four and six spots, respectively. 

As far as California State Universities, CSU Long Beach took the highest spot on the list landing at number 10. 

Time magazine has created an interactive map that will rank colleges and universities for you based on the factors that matter to you the most.  To view the interactive map and to check out the full list, click here

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