Video Premiere: ‘I’m A Freak’ By Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias

Ladies and gentlemen, it is finally here! 

After a week of sneak peeks y to some extent, torture, the video for Enrique Iglesias’ new single “I’m A Freak” por fín ya esta aquí. 

Earlier this week, the 38-year-old singer posted a 10-second sneak peek of the video for his new single on his Twitter account.

The song will be on his upcoming album scheduled to be released March 18. 

Y luego, hours later, after a word game challenge with his Twitter followers, he revealed the name of his tenth album que se llamará “Sex+Love.” 

That was followed a day later by the revelation of the cover for “Sex+Love” which features the Spanish-American singer in a white shirt with hands covering his eyes. 

Iglesias began hinting that a new album was in the works back in October when he released the single “Loco” featuring bachata singer Romeo Santos. 

Then, earlier this month another single, “El Perdedor” which features El Buki Marco Antonio Solís came out topping the Hot Latin Songs chart where it currently resides. 

Both “El Perdedor” y “Loco” are set to be on “Sex+Love” along with “I’m A Freak,” a song in which Iglesias reunited con su gran amigo, Pitbull. 

So without further ado, aquí esta the video for “I’m A Freak”: 

So, ¿que les parecio? 

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