Video Premiere: “Pretty Hurts” By Beyonce


Watch out, world! Popstar Beyonce is out to challenge the true definition of beauty. 

In the music video for her latest canción, “Pretty Hurts,” the Grammy-Award winner makes a statement about the pressure society places on people to look a certain way. 

“I’m pretending to get a facelift and Botox,” Beyonce le dice a la camera of a behind-the-scenes video released la semana pasada. “It represents all the things that people go through to put up with the pressure that society puts on us.” 

El video itself shows Queen B getting ready and participating in a beauty pageant. It also shows the process she and the other girls go through to be accepted into the judges’ criteria of “beauty.” This includes weighting themselves often, taking pastillas and overworking themselves out at the gym.  

“Some of the things that young women go through are just really heartbreaking for me,” adds Beyonce in the behind-the-scenes video. 

Along with her soft melody, the seven-minute video gets Beyonce’s message across regarding superficial standards. 

She said “Pretty Hurts” represents “finding that one things in the world that makes you truly happy.” 

Pero, el video is not the only thing Beyonce is doing to re-define beauty. 

She wants everyone else to join the conversation. 

Through her VEVO account, Beyonce wants you to upload a photo or video to Instagram with the hashtag #whatispretty of that “pretty” means you. 

Your photo could be featured on the website,, that the singer has launched. 

There, you can also see the final product of her “Pretty Hurts” video. Pero, check it out here first:  

Ladies, do you feel the Beyonce’s video speaks to you? Tell us! 

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