(VIDEO) Sneak Peek: Dwayne Johnson As Hercules

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne “The Rock” is back, ladies and gentlemen.

Y this time, as Hercules. 

The pro wrestler-turned actor has been chosen to play the iconic role of the son of Zeus in the upcoming película “Hercules.”

While the film has been recreated several times, this time the film will concentrate on Hercules’ battle at the call of the King of Thrace and his daughter where he is sent to after facing his 12 labors. 

El primer trailer of the movie was released earlier this week where Johnson can be seen in a full transformation including long yak hair and beard. By the looks of it, la película promises to be a full-on action-thriller with lots of blood, a lion and hydra. 

“Hercules” is set to hit theaters this summer on July 25. 

Check out the sneak peek here: