Yadira (Dee-Dee) Fundraiser Information!!

As most of you know our friend Yadira English (DeeDee) passed away, but as you know she was struggling a lot with money and specially because she had 2 little kids Isaac (12 years) and Adam (9 years), we feel that we need to help in some way, so we are planning to have a CarWash to collect money, everybody is invited to take their cars or help cleaning cars as well. 

Here is the information for the Carwash: Avalon CarWash o El Carwash de Lalo à Avalon & Florence, Los Angeles, CA7229 S. Avalon Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90003 Wednesday 7am-12pm The owner Lalo said that he will also donate 25% of the restaurant’s profits of that morning.  El Meson del Angel 1165 East. Florence Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90003

For more info follow us on www.twitter.com/MYLA963FM