38 Million Americans visit Social Networks on their Mobile Phones…DAILY!

A new study by research firm comScore says 64.2 million U.S. citizens use their mobile devices for social networking, with more than half of them doing so “almost every day.” hmmm I wonder if they have broken down how many of them amurricans are latino?? The overall number of people experiencing social networks through their phones or tablets is growing too. That 64 million figure is up 77% from the year before, and daily users are up 88%. That growth is tied directly to smart phone adoption, which comScore says is up to 41.8% of the phone-owning audience — up from 27% just a year ago. and in case you want to know what are the most used apps on iPhone and Android… check out the list below… So what are you using right now to read MY blog? hmm???lol hit me on the iPhone…I’m out!

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