Do you MEDITATE??!!

OK… How often are you ALL consumed with Stress, Tension or Over Analyze more than you should? Did you nod your head, SI? Uh, huh. Pues eres igual que yo and many other people!

PROBLEM SOLVED!! Bueno, quisas not solved completely! Tus problemas, por si acaso if you have many, might not go away immediately! Pero por lo menos.. you can LEARN TO RELAX!!!!! RELAJATE!!!!!

Si amanaces igual de torcida que yo, jaja?? Pues, MEDITATING on a Daily Basis allows you to clear away your Stress o esa Tension que no te deja dormir? What is Meditating??!! Bueno, it is VERY EASY…. does not require many tools.. PROMISE!

Simplemente encuentra un sitio para estar a solas. Once all Alone, pop in a soothing CD with some gentle music. (No intentes de poner, BANDA or some TECHNO music, eh!) Algo tranquilo! Light some candles or incense si quieres… and your ready to GO!

Close your eyes, allow to place your body at ease and begin taking DEEP breathes and Exhaling slowly. Do this repeatedly until you begin to ENTER INTO your subconscious PARADISE! Since everyone’s paradise is different and unique you can imagine it to appear ANY WAY YOU WANT!! (thats the BEST PART) WepA! #UnFullEscape

A veces uno se enfoca mucho in the meditating, that it puts you into a very relaxed state, y te DUERMES! Falling asleep doesn’t mean you have done something wrong. Yo me quedo dormida majority of the time, jaja, is it possible your BODY IS Asking for it! SO DO AS IT SAYS!

Bueno, I can assure you que es una estrategia that can help your days go by smoother. Help you sleep better. Hacerte sentir relajada/o y mas importante, hacerte sentir mas FELIZ! Definitely is also GOOD for your HEALTH! ….

MEDITATING–Just a little something to make you BETTER ENJOY LIFE & ENJOY YOU!

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