CALIBASH 2012 Let me start by saying INSANE!!!! every sexy latina in LA was in attendance. The staple center was a packed house and every one was ready to party with LATINO 96.3 the atmosphere in the staples center was high and insane if you missed out on this epic concert well there is always next year!!! i was super excited to be a part of the party and let me tell you i was super excited to see Sensato do his thing that dude killed LATINOS IN PAIRS made every one go wild!!! there was a lot of surprises. lets just say NEXT YEAR DONT SLEEP ON BUYING YOUR TICKETS!!! once the concert was over we continued the party over at j lounge and all my LATINOS were ready to party!!! we partyed on a tuesday like if it was a SATURDAY!!! over all January 24,2012 was a Great Day and night!!! SHOUT OUT TO MY TEAM, P-NUT,RP SWAG, A-TUNEZZ, SKREAM, ZATURN, CARLOS, TALL-CARLOS, CLAUDIA, RAQ-C, NACHINGON, HIFE, SANDRA PENA, CAROLINA MARQUEZ, EDDIE ONE, VOLYTOL, MC DANO, SANTAROSA, DAVID ROLAS, AND MORE LOL we all did WORK and went hard!!!!!