Did you CRY today?! I DID…..

How many times have you RANDOMLY or SUDDENLY let out a cry!? Osea, un llanto out of the blue. Esas veces, cuando dejas tus lagrimas correr por tu mejillas, sin parar. (You MEMBER, jaja??) Luego, IMMEDIATELY AFTER your CRY. Te sientes mas tranquila(o). Feliz, Relajada(o) o menos Estresado(a). Algo raro, making you possibly think que estas LOKO(A)!

Well Amigos, Let me tell you something! YOU ARE THE BIGGEST BABIES EVER!!! CHILLON(A)!!!! jajaja Ok, JUST KIDDING!

Deja contarte that a sudden CRY can be a GOOD CRY! I read an article recently that stated 7 GOOD REASONS TO CRY YOUR EYES OUT! Yup, you READ THIS RIGHT! Es Bueno llorar.. Deja contarte…

1. TEARS REMOVES TOXINS. Emotional tears–those formed in distress or grief actually have more toxic byproducts. May sound complicado, but its simple… No, tears aren’t toxic don’t get it wrong! Believe it or not, TUS LAGRIMAS REMOVE toxins from your body que usualmente build up stress! Asi que tu llanto, your tears, end up being a FREE MASSAGE THERAPY! Como lo ves!

2. CRYING LOWERS STRESS. Pues ya que mencione stress, how many times, due to stress, quieres llorar? You may think you’re being tough or a BadASS by holding it ALL IN! Well hold in these tears– NO MORE! Just in case you didn’t know, holding in lagrimas increase stress levels which later may cause high blood pressure, heart problems and peptic ulcers! Yikes!

Que les parece? What do you think?! The next time you have a knot in your throat because a CRY is to come.. LET IT OUT!!! Se Vale LLORAR!! I do it ALL the time! Ain’t no Shame in MY GAME! #justsaying

You want to read the other 5 reasons?!!! (I THINK YOU SHOULD) then click on the following link para leer todo en completo! ——->   http://bit.ly/2076jR

Los dejo con un dicho–NO HAY MAL QUE POR BIEN NO VENGA!