Jimmy Fallon “Twerks” On First Night As New Host Of “The Tonight Show”

will jimmy


It has been an electric week for New Yorkers, and an even more so for “The Tonight Show”. For the first time in almost 42 years “The Tonight Show”,  will be hosted in Manhattan where it first was originated.  The show recently fare welled its long time host Jay Leno, and Johnny Carson before him.  But now there is a new star hosting the “Tonight Show”, Jimmy Fallon.

Jimmy Fallon is not your typical late night host, He is a dynamic dancing machine and he has expressed his absolute love for 90’s music. He did a bit with Justin Timberlake, “The History of Rap” in his previous show, And the opening night for the “The Tonight Show” was no different. This time Jimmy Fallon had Will Smith as a guest, and they performed, “The Evolution of Hip-Hop Dance”.   Dressed in overalls and printed tees, the duo performed ,  showing off moves like the “Cabbage Patch” and the “Running Man” to the “Robot” and the “Pop and Lock.” Other dances included “Crank That (Soulja Boy),” “Kid ‘N Play,” “MC Hammer” and “The Carlton.”  And It only gets better when Jimmy decides to “Twerk”.

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Photo Credit: Lloyd Bishop