Justin Bieber has found a way to entertain himself!! LE ENCANTAN las bromas thats for sure!! Ultimamente Justin posted a phone number on his twitter telling his MILLIONS of FANS que era su numero de telefono!! Without hesitation, hundreds and hundreds of fans began calling solo to find out that ese numero NO ERA DE EL!!

The number that Bieber posted up fue de un local en TEXAS (that Bieber NO conoce). Este pobre hombre recibio TODAS las llamadas of screaming fans BEGGING to speak to JUSTIN BIEBER!!! Ay Dios mio!!

The Texas local refuses to change his number porque es un numero que utiliza in a personal and professional use.. He is hoping this SOON passes and the calls go away!! Pobrecitooo….

Justin Bieber is NOT new a este juegitoo of posting numbers that AREN’T his. In the past he posted a number on twitter de un chico joven because he had hacked the facebook de un amigo de Justin!!

Lesson to be learned.. DO NOT MESS WITH JUSTIN…  or he’ll put your number on BLAST en su twitter, causing you a headache!

veeeeerrrrY funny justin…

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