The Pros & Cons Of Facebok, Twitter, Myspace & The New Google Plus



Which one are you on? Here are the pros & cons for all 4 of them.

Facebook Pros: Everyone’s on it, and it’s been around for a while! You can keep up with all your high school friends, and see what they’re up to. They just added Skype, but it’s a beta version, so not everyone can get on it yet. It works really nice though!

Facebook Cons: Everyone’s on it, which means even your mom or abuelita might have a Facebook too! Because of the little privacy, you can easily get stalked using it.

Google Plus Pros: It’s brand new, so everyone thinks it’s cool!  It connects with your Gmail, and the different “circles” allow you to post and share certain things with only certain people. Unlike Facebook where everyone can see all of your posts, Google Plus helps make your posts more private.

Google Plus Cons: Not many people are really on it yet. You have to get an invite to get on it because it is still a beta version. It also provides another way for Google to stalk and learn everything about you.

Twitter Pros: Celebrities and News Media love it! Updates are short, sweet and to the point like the radio lol… It’s simple to use, and can be used in places like the Middle East & Asia where people don’t have freedom of speech. It’s also very simple to use.

Twitter Cons: Twitter Wars, anyone can message you, talk ish or even promote on your page by sending you a tweet similar to what happened to Kim Kardashian & Old Navy.  It also happens to me where people will tweet about a club and include my name to purposely confuse people to think I will be there! Very annoying!  People can get really annoying by tweeting every minute too! Yes very annoying, so pump your breaks with that people hahaha! Also if 140 characters isn’t enough then you have a problem.

Myspace Pros: Your band now has a cool page, and yeah that’s about it for now…Can myspace come back?  I have my facebook & twitter linked to my Myspace, so there is really no need to log into it any more.

Myspace Cons: Totally dead! Are you still on it? Zero stock value, and it’s so 2006 lol… like omg!

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