The King of Kings Don Omar returns to Rock his LA Fans at Nokia Theatre!!

The King of Kings Don Omar hit the stage at Nokia Theatre LA Live to a sold out crowd of his most loyal subjects and fans! As a fan and a person that was there for his first show EVER in Los Angeles way back at the Quiet Cannon its great to see not only the progression of his musical style but the upgrade of showmanship that everyone enjoyed this past sunday!

Here’s a few things I heard from people in the crowd:

He’s getting chunky again (apparently he’s stopped hittin the gym because he hasn’t really tweeted about going as frequently as he used to)

The show was too short! (Can you blame the ladies for wanting more time with the King?)

Where’s all his bling? (Hmm maybe recession hit the king too and he had to pawn them??)

Don Omar is out and about promoting the “Meet The Orphans 2” CD which is out now that has the hit “Dutty Love” with Natti Natasha and many other hits. more 411 at