Who Own’s The Famous “Oscar Selfie” Photo?


Bradley Cooper has a strong case to argue that he owns the rights to the famous “Oscar Selfie”, Because he was the one that clicked the button on the phone. Usually, the photographer owns the copyright to the image, or in this case the person that snaps it on the phone. However, DeGeneres could argue that since she uploaded the image to Twitter, she is the copyright owner.

The photographer owns the copyright to the image, in this case Bradley Cooper snapped the photo.  A very strong case can be made since its a function in the art of photography.

 Check the following Scenario

According to last year’s case Agence France-Presse v. Morel, the answer is yes. Photographer Daniel Morel captured some of the first images of the 2010 Haiti earthquake and posted the images to TwitPic. A Twitter user reposted the images as his own and these images ended up on the front pages of publications all over the world. A federal judge awarded the photographer $1.22 million dollars for copyright violation.

You be the Judge!