BLOGSSIP 01/04/2012: Marc Anthonys FREEDOM!!

Bueno ya que sabemos todos que JLO didnt mess around with time para encontrarse otro galan without finalizing a divorce.. to this day siguen casados JLO y Marc Anthony..

Peor ahora la noticia del dia es de el romance de Marc Anthony con modelo Venezolana Shannon De Lima.

Ok,.. so in Vegas cuando fui for the Latin Grammys I PERSONALLY did not get kicked out but if you kick out my girl imma leave too.. so my girl got kicked out of the club where we were partyin with my boy and Marc Anthony, all because she was taking a picture and not even of him.. however ELLA me dijo que he was there with a girl.. sera cierto?? no se cuz I was there minding my own beezwax BUT..

Quiza she was right ya que salio a la luz esta novedad.

I like Marc he is a true pleasure to be around super cool guy bien amable.. have nothing absolutely NOTHING bad to say about the guy.. cuando lo conosi fue en un party y el fue so cool and down to earth..

And I am happy that he is moving on.  A lot of people sided with JLO but my thing is why do “we” side with anyone?? Do we really know the who what when wheres and whys??  No we dont.. so with that said.. CONGRATS Marc =)

However.. who makes a better couple??



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